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Milton Glaser | Case Studies | jet Blue and I Love NY
Milton Glaser | Case Studies | jet Blue and I Love NY | jetBlue was simply a project intended to integrate the identity of jetBlue with the I Love New York logo we had designed. In this case, the issue was to make these two separate logos look as though they wanted to be together.

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Case Study #4
Brooklyn Brewery

Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, the originators of Brooklyn Beer, came looking for an identity 28 years ago. They had the name Brooklyn Eagle, which I suggested was not as good a name for a beer as the word ‘Brooklyn’, itself. Brooklyn became the name and identity and the company has had an extraordinary sales history since then. It is also encouraged the borough of Brooklyn to become the most active artisanal beer producing area in the entire country.  We’ve done all advertising, promotional material and packaging since then.